PulpEye’s 150th DDA 5 Sold to PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper

DDA 5, Dynamic Drainage Analyser 5, continues to spread around the world. The latest in the line of customers is Indonesian PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper, which purchased the dynamic drainage analyser number 150 from Swedish PulpEye.

Peter Kristmansson, Production Manager, and Öjvind Sundvall, MD PulpEye, are very pleased to deliver the 150th Dynamic Drainage Analyser.

PT Riau Andalan Pulp & Paper is the operating arm of Asia Pacific Resources International Limited (APRIL Group). Operating in Riau Province, Indonesia, the company operates one of the world’s largest, most technologically advanced, and sustainable pulp and paper mills, with an annual capacity of 2.8 million tonnes of pulp and 1.15 million tonnes of paper.

“It is fantastic that we have passed the 150th drainage analyser sold,” said Öjvind Sundvall, CEO of PulpEye. “DDA 5 has really proven itself and is now present on four continents. The analyser is used by, among others, paper and pulp manufacturers, chemical companies, universities and research institutes. In addition to being able to realistically study the dewatering of fibre suspensions in a fast and simple way, it is also possible to study the dewatering of nanocelluloses and MFCs with special dewatering filters.”

DDA 5 is the latest version and a result of a total make-over and upgrade of the previous DDA 4. Features such as drain rate, initial drain and temperature readings are presented for selected time intervals, together with the fact that the equipment is automatically cleaned after each analysis, is very appreciated.